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Sorry no recipe today just a sneek peek at our Christmas goodies for sale! The recipe is a secret and I'm under strict orders to never reveal it to anyone under penalty of death!

Now I know what you're thinking... Bee it's November... what are you making Christmas goodies for?! Well, (I say with a smug smile) these little houses will last until well after Christmas (they contain no fat whatsoever and have an amazing shelf-life). And besides, if I want to make Christmas goodies, I will, so there!

Seriously though these adorable Scandinavian honeybread houses are so delightful, they even have a beautiful story to tell. Originally called lebkuchen, these biscuits contained seven different spices to signify the seven days in which God created the Earth. In Germany these houses sometimes depicted the story of Hansel and Gretel. 

Now, having tasted this delicious biscuit, I can tell you that I will (probably) never make a gingerbread house at Christmas time again. We've all been there, let's be honest. Christmas comes and goes and the gingerbread house has long since gone stale. The sweets can be gobbled up from inside but the gingerbread is sadly destined for the rubbish bin. 

And, this recipe contains no fat, which is great if you plan to diet at Christmas (or at least take it easy on the 'bad for you' stuff)! The sweetness comes from honey. No other sugars are used which adds a lovely and unique flavour to the biscuit. 

(if you're local and interested) We are selling these for £20.00 in the Merseyside (UK) area.


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